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Chaozhou Hotels

Chao-chou is a popular tour region, there are many star-class cabarets, you don't worry any more. The guest house in cabarets here are hygiene and comfort, and the kit facilities is well-found, they can provide to visitors satisfied look at remaining of the landscape and enjoy fully...

Chaozhou travel guide

The tower of the Guangji Door is main marking of the famous city of Chaozhou. The tower of the Guangji Door is the most magnificent one on the wall of the ancient mansion. The tower of the Guangji Door was called the Guangji Building or Hanjiang Building in the past...

Chaozhou introduction

Chaozhou City is the city of the national class history and cultural, locates the eastern of Guangdong Province, the northern of the plain of the Zhujiang Delta...

Food of Chaozhou

The dishes of Chaozhou are called Chaocai for short. The dishes of Chaozhou are called Chaocai for short. The brief name tide vegetables. Its cooking has the Lingnan's cultural special features...

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